Hosting and Domain Name


Hosting And Domain Package
To Put Any Business Online!


Package Includes:


Domain Name*
*Most names, with exception to some specialty domain names that cost a lot of money!


1000 MB Shared VPS SSD Hosting Space*
*More space is available, for more money, if you should need it.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) access to help keep your site secure.


Secure Cpanel Access


Softaculous Installer




One Time Payment – $88.00 prepaid*
* This a b2b price or cost. You are responsible for paying any sales tax for your purchase, if you are using these packages in your business and not reselling your package purchase.

Terms of Service – One Year


Your domain name and hosting space is acquired and set up for you.


1. Make the one time payment.


2. Provide your domain name choice(s) and any special instructions for your set up.


Everything will be set up for you and sent to the email address you provide.


You are not required to subscribe to an email list or incur any further costs to use the benefits of this site.


Your site will be able to handle traffic* and make sales from your own e-commerce* store, if you want to do that.


*To handle varying traffic volumes, marketing campaigns, an e-commerce store and site subscribers, your site needs a minimum of at least 1 Gig of shared virtual private server space.  As traffic volume increases more customer data requires more hosting space to operate efficiently. If and/or when your site needs more than shared virtual private space, help is available to move your site to your own virtual private server.



How long will this deal last?


Until this post disappears.


What do I have to do to get this deal?


1.) You will need to contact me to get the deal.


2:) You will need to pay the invoice sent to your email address for your setup of one or more sites.


3:) You will need to provide a list of your choices for your domain name and any additional domains.


4:) You will need to provide any specific instructions* for your site set up.  (ie.. email addresses, display this _____ on homepage, install WordPress somewhere on site, etc….)


*Specific instructions are for initial site setup only, not any advanced customizations. Some customization is possible but that costs more money. This deal helps you get a website up and running online using my available domain name and hosting resources. This deal allows me to get the technical things done for you, so you can just do business, the way you want to, online with the web site, whether it is your site or a site you are managing for someone else.


Frequently Asked Questions


I already have a domain name, can you host that name?

Sure! When your site is ready, change the name server settings to name server settings that are provided to you, within your registrar account for the domain name.


Can I buy this deal from you and resell it to someone else?

Sure, as long as you help someone else. Your first purchase is for you and includes support related to the initial site setup and site operations for you. You will get my help for that!

Additional package purchases are on the same basis as your first purchase, so you will always get support from me pertaining to the functionality of the site. Think of me more like the mechanic that makes sure your car works correctly, except I do web sites…not cars!


How would my customers get support for their site?

Your customers contact you with any site issues they need resolved and you should be making money doing this!!!!!!

You contact me to get the help you need to help your customers. On very rare occasions, I may need to speak to your customer to resolve any site issues. You can be sure I will avoid speaking to your customer’s at any time, unless I absolutely need to resolve the issue in that way.

Why don’t you just wholesale this package, as a b2b package?

That is exactly what I am doing. I give you what you need to help other people. I help you resolve your site issues and help you so you can help them, if that is what you want to do?


More Questions?


Call, Text or Email

P.S. If you cannot email me, because right now too many spammers send me junk messages, just call or text then. No big deal, the job still gets done.